P.U.S.H. Next Level

Beyond the LLC

P.U.S.H. Next Level

P.U.S.H. Next Level is a legal business course that teaches business owners the legal aspects of maintaining and growing their business beyond formation.

P – Protect Your Assets
U – Utilities
S – Stabilize and Comply
H – Hiring and Firing

One of the main benefits of starting a business is the ability to keep our personal assets free from the danger of business liability. The corporate veil is the mechanism that separates a business from the business owner. Sadly, the corporate veil is often ripped when the business owner fails to keep their business legally compliant. When the corporate veil is ripped, the business owner and the business becomes one and the same, totally erasing the liability protection that once existed.

Don’t Let This Happen to You!

Don’t just create your LLC and forget about it. As a matter of fact, an LLC may not even be the proper entity for your business model and vision.

Build your business with confidence, being sure that your foundation is secure and you are following the steps that will keep you prosperous and protected.

In this course we will learn about:

  • the difference between entity types
  • how to make structural changes
  • what documents your business needs to have in place
  • how to use contract wisely
  • the function of annual meetings and minutes
  • what business licenses to secure
  • which registrations your business needs
  • the difference between contractors and employees
  • which legal policies are needed for onboarding / offboarding

Whats inside:

  • 6 hours of live instruction with Attorney Kianna
  • weekly office hours during which you can meet with Attorney Kianna one-on-one
  • weekly documentation homework assignments

Say yes to the P.U.S.H!

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