Courses & Consulting

Pick Your Brain Session

The Pick Your Brain session is designed to help you with a specific legal issue, challenge, or concern that you may want to handle on your own with some assistance. At the end of your session, expect to have ideas, clarity, and a strategic plan.

Everyday Entrepreneurship for Everyday People

This step-by-step, DIY, 10 page guide goes in-depth to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to complete their business formation themselves as well as encourage them in their entrepreneurship journey.

P.U.S.H. Next Level

P.U.S.H. Next Level is a legal business course that teaches business owners the legal aspects of maintaining and growing their business beyond formation.

Entrepreneurs in Training Course

Entrepreneurs in Training is a course for Christian entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their business to the point of full time entrepreneurship. This course combines practical training with spiritual discipline.

General Counsel on Demand Membership

Successful entrepreneurship is a vehicle to achieving financial freedom, generational wealth, and most importantly having a louder voice in society. While helping clients legalize their businesses, we also teach you how to remain compliant and thrive independently with forever-access to our paid legal courses.

Join Our Community

Master Your Business is where faith meet works. We are an online community for Christian entrepreneurs where we offer support, consulting, coaching, and business courses. We teach Christian entrepreneurs how to build their faith and their business at the same time.