Client Testimonial

Meet Ms. Garnes!


Her client review brought me to tears! As a former felon, Ms. Garnes had her therapy license stripped away. We were able to assist her in getting it restored!


When Ms. Garnes came to me with her civil rights issue, I was not sure what to do. But, I know I hear God! And God said yessss!


The wisdom and favor of God trumps any legal education.

She’ll be joining me on June 27th as we discuss entrepreneurship as a civil right. 

Discover firsthand insights in our PUSH Course Review and meet Ms. Amanda as she shares her insightful testimonial.                                                                                                     

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Join Ms. Amanda as she shares her journey and the impact of the PUSH Course on her personal growth and development. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from real-life experiences and begin your transformative journey.