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Attorney Kianna Chennault is a native of Baltimore, Maryland but currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, where she has lived since 2009.

Throughout the course of her legal career, Kianna has worked in the employment and criminal law sectors, where she worked as both a law clerk and trial attorney. In addition to her professional experience, Kianna has also served as a teaching assistant for introductory contracts courses, in addition to taking advanced contract courses while in law school.

During the 2020 Covid pandemic, Kianna became interested in business formation, as she saw so many people around her entering the marketplace with their gifts and talents. the principal consultant over our legal services. Kianna started Chennault Consulting as a vehicle to get much needed legal business services to people entering the marketplace.

Kianna is married to Otis Chennault, Sr. They have been married since 2016 and they share four beautiful children together. In her free time, Kianna enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and hanging out with her kids. Jesus is the foundation of her life, family, and business.