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The Chennault Legal and Consulting Group is a Business Litigation and Civil Rights firm committed to pursuing equal justice and achieving favorable outcomes for clients of excessive force, prosecutorial misconduct, and governmental corruption.

We fight passionately for individuals whose rights have been violated by those sworn to serve and protect them.

We also design our services to accommodate new and established entrepreneurs with business formation, contract drafting, and negotiation, as well as legal representation.

At the Chennault Legal & Consulting Group, entrepreneurship is a civil right. Establishing a business is more than just a means to generate income. Business sustainability is the foundation for closing the wealth gap. It’s also an opportunity to completely disrupt systemic matriculation into the criminal justice system.

I highly recommend utilizing Chennault consulting services as I was thoroughly satisfied as a client.

Kianna was thorough, informative and very apathetic to my needs regarding my potential case. I walked away from my consultation feeling equipped to take the next step and assured that I had the right legal backing to succeed.



Our family requested guidance related to contract law and Attorney Kianna Chennault delivered with accuracy.

The steps she advised us to take were timely and precise with forethought given to the outcome. The end result was favorable and we are grateful for the “peace of mind” we have as a result of her expert legal consultation.

David and Kim


“Achieving justice is a lifestyle.”

– Managing Partner, Attorney Kianna Chennault, ESQ

Kianna Chennault, ESQ is the founder of Chennault Legal and Consulting Group. With a vast and versatile background in several areas of law including Section 1983 litigation, employment discrimination, civil rights, and business formation, Kianna employs masterful legal representation skills on behalf of victims feeling forgotten, frustrated, or intimidated by the American legal system.

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